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When is jail time mandatory after a Florida DUI?

A Florida conviction for driving under the influence brings with it some hefty penalties. You may have to pay as much as several thousand dollars in fines and fees, and you may also face probation requirements and community service obligations, among other possible penalties. However, you may feel especially concerned about whether you may have to go to jail after a Florida DUI.

Ultimately, whether you face mandatory jail time following a Florida DUI conviction depends on whether you have driven under the influence of alcohol before.

Jail time after a first DUI

Jail time is possible, but not definite, following your first Florida DUI. Whether you wind up serving time is up to the court that hears your case. Certain factors, such as whether anyone suffered injuries in the incident that led to your DUI charge, may help determine whether you have to go to jail after a first offense.

Jail time after a second DUI

If you receive a second DUI conviction in Florida within five years of your first DUI conviction, jail time becomes mandatory. Under these circumstances, you must log at least 10 days behind bars. However, you may have to spend more time there, depending on the details surrounding your DUI arrest.

Even if you are able to avoid spending time behind bars, a DUI still hurts your wallet. It often impacts your personal and professional lives, too. Keep in mind, though, that not every DUI charge leads to a conviction. Sometimes, certain circumstances may result in a DUI charge undergoing dismissal.


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