Is Force Majeure a Legal Way Out of a Contract?

Some financial decisions may suggest need for a postnuptial agreement

Financial decisions are often identified as the root of many Florida divorces. What at first appears to be a business or family decision can also be considered a financial decision. Most of these decisions will impact both individuals in the relationship. However, when it is possible that one individual may be affected to a greater extent, it may be a good idea to address this discrepancy through a postnuptial agreement.

In the beginning, many individuals work hard to establish their careers. They are good at what they do, have an established reputation and make a lucrative income. But, something happens that causes the couple to decide that one of them needs to withdraw from the workforce in order to take care of a family concern. This often occurs when the couple decides to start a family or if an aged parent needs to be taken care of. While this may be necessary at the time, it can be devastating later on if the individual finds it necessary to reenter the workforce.

The establishment or purchase of a business by one of the individuals can also be a financial decision that is cause for concern. The other individual may not want to be responsible for the business or its debt if the marriage does not last. This hesitation can place an unnecessary burden on the relationship.

One way to address these types of concerns is through the use of a postnuptial agreement. Such an agreement is not planning for divorce, but it is a way to address the individual’s concerns and perhaps even alleviate some of the problems that these concerns may cause. Legal counsel can assist the Florida resident in deciding if this is the appropriate option to meet the couple’s needs.