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Creating A Path To SSD And SSI Benefits

Hardworking Americans sacrifice so much for their families, but when met with terrible situations that prevent them from working, many need help to provide for their loved ones. Our government created the Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programs to help Americans who find themselves unable to work. However, even when people apply for these programs, they sometimes are wrongly denied.

Don’t give up hope. Let The Law Firm of Douglas G. Jackson in St. Petersburg, Florida, help you protect your family. Skilled in overcoming obstacles and building relationships, Mr. Jackson focuses on clients. Personable, focused and knowledgeable, he tackles every complicated case that comes his way. And he works with clients throughout the country.

Knowledgeable And Understanding

Mr. Jackson has guided hundreds of clients across the nation in claims for SSD and SSI benefits. He develops a unique strategy for every case and guides SSD clients by:

  • Gathering necessary medical documents and providing them to the Social Security Administration (SSA)
  • Helping them complete the necessary application paperwork while meeting deadlines
  • Representing them at all appeals hearings if the SSA denies their application
  • Advocating for them and their family until their case sees completion

Compassionate, understanding and aggressive, Mr. Jackson also provides skilled legal guidance in SSI cases for disabled adults and children who have limited finances. If you served in the military, he can help you understand your VA benefits. He will do his best to secure all the benefits for which you qualify.

Contact A Compassionate Lawyer

If you are a disabled worker or a disabled person with limited financial means, The Law Firm of Douglas G. Jackson in St. Petersburg, Florida, is ready to help you obtain SSD or SSI benefits. Attorney Douglas G. Jackson takes on cases from throughout the country. For a free case evaluation, contact him via email or call 800-704-6045.

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