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Social Security disability can be helpful but difficult to obtain

Experiencing a disability that prevents a person from working can be devastating. The person may feel a considerable sense of loss or feel as if he or she no longer has a purpose, but having a disability does not mean that a person’s life is over, even if he or she can no longer work. As a result, many Florida residents in this type of situation still need income, which is where Social Security Disability Insurance often comes in.

SSDI can help qualifying parties receive monthly payments to help meet their needs. In 2019, the average amount paid monthly was $1,234 to each disabled worker. This certainly does not seem like a large enough amount to keep a person afloat, but this income is often one of the few sources or may be the only source of income individuals have. As a result, even if that amount seems small to some, it could be a lifesaver to others.

Of course, many people feel that qualifying for these benefits is too difficult or that the Social Security Administration does not want people to qualify. However, the reason that many first-time applicants face denials is that the SSA works diligently to prevent fraudulent claims for SSDI. This means that the application process can be extremely difficult, but for those with disabilities who are unable to work, it is not impossible to receive the benefits they need.

Still, it can be intimidating for individuals in Florida and elsewhere to apply for Social Security disability benefits because they fear a denial. Fortunately, even a denial does not mean that applicants are out of hope. There are typically options for appealing that decision and other options for working toward those benefits. It is also beneficial to know that parties in this type of situation can have help with their applications, and experienced attorneys are available for those interested in looking into assistance.


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