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Post-traumatic stress disorder can affect memory, concentration

Serving the country through military service is an admirable path in life. While current members and veterans may appreciate the thanks they receive for their service, it is often not enough to help them live with the physical and emotional scars that their time in the military can create. In particular, many veterans in Florida and elsewhere live with post-traumatic stress disorder that affects many areas of their lives, including their memory.

An inability to remember information and difficulty concentrating are common effects of PTSD. Unfortunately, these effects could also contribute to sleeping problems, which, in turn, can make a person feel less rested and unable to concentrate as well. It can seem like an endless cycle. As a result, many veterans struggle to get through their daily lives, and their condition may make it difficult or impossible for them to work.

In hopes of coping with their symptoms, some individuals may be able to implement the following tips:

  • Practicing progressive muscle relaxation for better sleep
  • Journaling to reduce racing thoughts before bed
  • Use memory apps and other technology support to better remember important details
  • Being mindful and focusing on present situations
  • Discussing problems and possible treatments with medical professionals

While these tips could marginally help veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder cope with its effects on memory, they likely will not result in vast improvement quickly, unless otherwise indicated by a doctor. As a result, veterans may still find themselves unable to work due to their condition, and they may find themselves in need of financial assistance. In some cases, veterans may be able to seek disability benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs, but it is not always as simple as many would hope. If Florida veterans are hoping to receive such benefits, they may want to work with an experienced attorney throughout the application process.


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