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Out-of-state man charged with DUI in Florida

Going out to have a good time can sometimes have unintended consequences. For example, if a person consumes alcohol, it is possible for his or her judgment to become skewed. Unfortunately, some individuals may end up questioned by police if they commit a traffic violation or cause an accident, and in many of these cases, DUI charges could result.

This type of unlucky situation recently affected one man in Florida. Reports stated that the man allegedly crashed his vehicle and walked away from the scene. Authorities arrived at the scene and found the man walking nearby. The driver was allegedly wearing a scuba hood and scuba goggles at the time police located him.

Authorities believed that the man was the driver of the vehicle because they had noticed a scuba suit inside the vehicle when they arrived. The man was taken into custody on charges of DUI and DUI property damage. The following details reportedly contributed to the arrest and charges:

  • Authorities allegedly saw containers for alcoholic beverages inside the vehicle
  • The man’s blood-alcohol concentration level was reportedly .18
  • The man purportedly failed unspecified DUI tests

The report noted that this man was from out of state, so he will likely need information on how Florida laws relating to DUI will affect his case. In his search for information, it may also be in his interests to gain insight into his possible defense options. Depending on the details of the incident, his arrest and other factors, he may have multiple avenues of defense worth considering as he works toward the best outcome possible.


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