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Motorcyclist seriously injured in hit-and-run car accident

After a car wreck, it can often make a significant difference for those injured to receive help as soon as possible. When a driver involved in a car accident leaves the scene, it is possible that injured parties left at the crash site will have delays in getting the help they need. Hit-and-run collisions cause many complications, but officers do their best to locate the fleeing drivers.

Authorities in Florida are currently looking to apprehend a driver that was involved in a recent crash that left one person seriously injured. According to reports, the driver of a sedan was heading south when the driver failed to maintain control of the vehicle. As a result, the sedan traveled over the median and into the opposite lanes of travel where it hit a northbound motorcyclist. The driver of the car made a U-turn after the crash and left the scene.

The motorcyclist was reported as being a 33-year-old man, and he suffered serious injuries as a result of the crash. At the time of the report, he was still in the hospital. Authorities were asking for any information relating to the crash that witnesses or other parties may be able to provide.

Being involved in a serious car accident can be devastating for anyone, but to have the driver considered at fault also flee the scene adds insult to literal injury. The man injured in this Florida hit-and-run is likely hoping to make a full recovery and for authorities to apprehend the other driver as soon as possible. In the meantime, he may wish to look into his legal options for seeking compensation for damages resulting from the crash, which could include filing a personal injury claim against the driver once he or she is apprehended.