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Message from the President – March 2022 Newsletter

Dear Friends of the Firm,

I could not be happier as I write this first letter to you.  As you probably noticed, since you are receiving this newsletter, which you have never before received, the firm is making many improvements to what we believe was already a very strong product.  Our first, and perhaps biggest improvement is that we are working hard to increase our outreach.

One of our biggest projects to increase our outreach is this newsletter.  This is a very exciting project that somewhat showcases the smaller changes that we’ve been making over the past several months.  This newsletter will hopefully pull back the metaphoric hood a little bit on the operation, so that our clients and friends of the firm can see what is underneath.  Most of our clients already know that we have a strong and powerful engine, but we believe that our clients would like to see how it actually operates.  We intend for this newsletter, which will be released monthly, to highlight what is going on in the firm, with our clients, and with the law, especially how it relates to our clients.

Although the newsletter will only go out about monthly, the life and spirit of the Firm don’t stop in-between newsletters.  Therefore, we believe it is only fair to keep updated on Social Media and by creating website content, such as informative articles (blogs) to keep you updated in the interim.  Essentially, the newsletter will be somewhat of a highlight reel, so that you can tune into anything that you missed if you don’t want to keep up in real-time.

The Firm’s newsletter will begin its life by highlighting what has been happening in our newest campaigns.  The Firm has started several campaigns, and, perhaps the most important to outreach is our legal information campaign.  We realize that most people move about their lives, subject to our laws, but often without knowing exactly what are their rights.  We want to inform the average, hard working American what exactly are his or her rights, so that if encountered with a situation where rights may be in question, our readers know what to do and when to get help.  We will try to focus on things that we believe impact the most lives of average Americans.  Some of these topics will include what we call street rights, which is what is and is not a crime and what police are allowed to make you do.  Other topics will include information on Constitutional issues, current hot-button legal issues and news, and other various legal information that we believe may be helpful to our clients and friends of the Firm.

Another campaign we are running, is our better access to estate planning campaign.  Everyone should have an estate plan, which often includes a Last Will and Testament.  Yet, these are expensive, and most average Americans don’t have an extra $1,000 or more to just pay for it outright.  That’s why our firm is allowing financing options for up to a year, so that a simple estate planning package, which consists of a Will, a Power of Attorney, and a Living Will, begins at only $90 per month, which we believe an average hard-working American can afford.

Another big change is that we are greatly expanding the reach of who this firm will help.  Though the Firm has always been a full-service law firm, our focus has predominantly been on the disabled, especially veterans and first-responders.  We have reached a point where our reputation is regularly leading those disabled persons who need help to us.  However, we are realizing that others who need help in other aspects, may not know that this Firm can help them.  That is why we are changing our marketing to focus on three areas of law: (1) Wills and Estate Planning, to include Probate; (2) Family Law, to include Divorce, and (3) Criminal Defense Law, to include DUI charges and others.

We are very excited about our expectations for 2022.  We hope for some big things for the firm and some big things to help you.

Remember, get your legal action at the Law Firm of Douglas G. Jackson.


/s/ Douglas G. Jackson

Douglas G. Jackson, Esq.


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