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May 2022 Message from the President


Well hello. I’m Doug Jackson, founding attorney of the Law Firm of Douglas G. Jackson. We’re back again with our third monthly newsletter. Like before, and like every time here to come, I’ve written a letter to you, my friends of the firm, that I want to read to you. Here we go.

Dear Friends of the Firm,

I am very excited to write our third letter to you in this third issue of our monthly newsletter.  This has been another month of many improvements within the firm.  Specifically, we continue to improve this newsletter.

You may have noticed that this month, our newsletter is no longer just called “Monthly Newsletter.”  It has a new name, and we believe this name will coincide nicely with our branding.  Beginning this month, the Monthly Newsletter is now called “Legal Action News.”  As you know, our slogan is “Get Your Legal Action at the Law Firm of Douglas G. Jackson,” so the pairing works extraordinarily well.

Another improvement, which you may be noticing right now, is the sound quality.  At the advice of Josh Naaman, of Naaman Creative, we purchased new audio equipment, which has improved the sound of our videos substantially.  While our message was strong in the previous videos, now it is also clear.  Thank you, Josh and Naaman Creative for this great advice which will help our viewers and readers for Legal Action News.

Another major improvement is our branding.  Becky Hamm of Image Advertising Specialties helped us produce branded pens with the law firm name.  Using generic pens just didn’t feel right, especially when we’d have clients come to the office to sign documents.

Sally Zimmerman of Alice June Graphics helped me design a new business card, which is more legible and pops just a little bit more.  She removed the background from the old business card, which I think makes it look much more professional.  Sally also helped the firm create new branded folders.  We no longer have to send our clients home with documents in generic folders, and our own team can also use these folders, which makes the firm appear as professional as we already act and are.

We are pleased to utilize the services of Naaman Creative, Image Advertising Specialties, and Alice June Graphics because they are small businesses local to our headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Though we cannot purchase our products entirely locally, we like to help the small businesses where we can, which is consistent with our goals and the mission of this firm.

We are continuing to take on more clients in new practice areas and are really increasing our business law and litigation practice this month.  We’ve taken on a couple of small businesses as clients who needs vary from employment issues to drafting service agreements to filing for trademarks.  This has been a very exciting expansion.

We also have some exciting news to share.  In one of our criminal cases, we got the prosecutor to file a “no information” which means they won’t be filing the two felony and two misdemeanor charges against our client.  Also, I had the privilege and opportunity to guest lecture about legal research and writing at a college course for paralegals.  Thank you to Adjunct Professor and amazing local attorney, Autumn Hancock of Hancock law for inviting me to guest lecture for her class at the prestigious St. Petersburg, College.

Perhaps most notably, we celebrated the one-year anniversary becoming a member of the Florida Bar and Associate Attorney with this firm.  She’s already accomplished so much and made this firm better place for our own team, but especially for our clients.  We have a full article on her in this edition of Legal Action News, as we pick one team member to highlight each month, so our clients and friends of the firm can learn more about our entire team.

Although the newsletter will only go out about monthly, the life and spirit of the Firm don’t stop in-between newsletters.  Therefore, we believe it is only fair to keep updated on Social Media and by creating website content, such as informative articles (blogs) to keep you updated in the interim.  Essentially, the newsletter will be somewhat of a highlight reel, so that you can tune into anything that you missed if you don’t want to keep up in real-time.

We are very excited about our expectations for 2022.  We hope for some big things for the firm and some big things to help you.

Remember, get your legal action at the Law Firm of Douglas G. Jackson.


/s/ Douglas G. Jackson

Douglas G. Jackson, Esq.


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