LAW FIRM NEWS UPDATE: Legal Investigator Michael Durkin Attended St. Pete Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on June 22, 2022

On Wednesday, June 22, 2022, Legal Investigator Michael Durkin attended the St Pete Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the opening of Optum St. Pete, located at 7501 Dr. MLK Blvd. St. Petersburg.

Optum has primary care and affiliated primary care offices throughout Florida.  Optum is central and south Florida’s largest provider of primary health care services, giving you more choices than ever.  Optum St Pete does more than just offer regular primary care, but is your one stop shop for medical care and services, essentially saving you the trip to the ER.  Optum’s in house staff and labs allow all work to be done in house without the need to wait or send out samples to other locations.  Optum’s new, beautiful facility is top notch with the most up to date medical technology.  Mr. Durkin marveled at, what he is quoted at saying, “this place is much bigger on the inside”.

Mr. Durkin met the staff who work tirelessly to treat and help the citizens of St. Petersburg.  Optum works with both Humana and Medicare to help all who are in need of medical attention.

Mr. Durkin shared this ribbon cutting ceremony honor with the St. Pete Chamber of Commerce who attended to welcome Optum to the thriving St Petersburg community.  President of the St. Pete Chamber of Commerce, Chris Steinocher, gave a wonderful speech welcoming Otpum to the community, while also thanking them for the dedication and hard work to assist the community and help them with their health care goals.

Led by Dr. Bernita K. Sands, MD. Otpum is your premier choice for primary medical care in the St. Petersburg area.  It was a lovely event filled with great people, great food, and great enthusiasm for the growing and caring community of St. Petersburg, FL.


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