LAW FIRM NEWS UPDATE: Case Manager Stacey Bechtel Attended Tampa Bay Paralegal Association\’s Luncheon on June 16, 2022

On June 16, 2022 Case Manager Stacey Bechtel attended the monthly Tampa Bay Paralegal Association’s educational luncheon.

This month the topic was: From the Trenches: Investigations of Claims Related to Discovery Issues, including Witnesses and Client Interviews, and Public Records Searches

The speaker provided valuable information about the many different ways that law firms can conduct searches of public records including court dockets, law enforcement records, medical records, and financial information pertaining to both represented clients and clients on the other side of a law suit. The speaker also provided very helpful ways for paralegal professionals to keep information organized and for keeping track of the sources of evidence in cases involving liability and damages.

Stacey is a member of the Florida Bar and received Continuing Legal Education credit for her attendance.