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Law Firm Makes Donation to ServiceSource

The Law Firm of Douglas G. Jackson is proud to announce that it has made its second donation since it began operations, just a little over six months ago. This donation goes to ServiceSource.

ServiceSource is an incredibly deserving of this donation. ServiceSource helps both disabled individuals and veterans. Specifically ServiceSource helps the disabled get back to work, in addition with helping veterans with housing and finance issues. ServiceSource’s Florida Regional Executive Director, Matthew Motko, is incredibly compassionate about the cause and about helping as many people as possible. Mr. Motko has personally assured this law firm that the donation would go to a very deserving veteran and family. This assurance that the money will go to help a veteran and family makes it so very suitable that the donation was sent to ServiceSource on the 74th anniversary of D-Day. Although it is unlikely that the money will directly serve any veteran of World War II, the fact that it is going to help veterans, nevertheless, supports the ideals of bravery shown by any veterans of all wars, historic and present.

In keeping with the law firm’s implicit mission of helping other, The Law Firm of Douglas G. Jackson continues its pledge that, whenever financially practicable, a portion of the fees it earns on Social Security Disability and VA Disability cases will be donated to deserving organizations that can help the broader community. The Law Firm of Douglas G. Jackson cannot think of a more deserving organization than ServiceSource for the law firm’s second ever donation.

For any individuals or organization thinking about making donations to a deserving institution, please consider ServiceSource.

Your Support Changes Lives – ServiceSource Foundation


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