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Is psoriatic arthritis affecting your ability to work?

Florida residents who live with a chronic condition know what it is like to not know how their body will feel from one day to the next. It may not be unusual for those who experience chronic pain to have some reprieve for days or weeks at a time. However, when the pain returns, as it always does, it can be difficult to even accomplish the simplest task. Unfortunately, many people living with psoriatic arthritis know this cycle all too well. 

Not only can this condition cause significant pain due to joint inflammation, sometimes it can be nearly impossible for individuals to move. Obviously, an inability to move due to considerable pain would greatly affect a person’s ability to hold gainful employment. Psoriatic arthritis can contribute to issues with other parts of the body, including mental issues, cardiovascular effectsdetriment to the immune system and much more. 

As a result, individuals living with this condition may wonder whether they could qualify for Social Security disability benefits. The answer to that is maybe. The decision could hinge on many factors including: 

  • The severity of the condition 
  • Complications associated with the condition 
  • Medical evidence, such as lab tests, date of diagnosis, steps taken for treatment and more 
  • Evidence of the condition affecting work ability, such as dates of days taken off work as a result of the condition 

Psoriatic arthritis can leave many individuals wondering how they will get through the day. When they are unable to work, they may face continual worry about how they will meet their financial obligations, which could include paying for the care they need for their condition. If Florida residents are considering seeking benefits through Social Security disability, they may want to gain reliable information on the application process and how they can help themselves work toward an approval. 


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