Learn, grow, and become inspired through our internship program.  These skills will last you a lifetime.

Our Programs

We love bettering others.  We love to teach and we love to educated.  A rising tide raises all ships.

Our firm utilizes two Internship Programs  to train future legal workers.  We have both a program for those who aspire to be lawyers, called our Legal Internship Program, and we have a program for those who aspire to be paralegals, called our Paralegal Internship Program.  We run both programs three times per year, coinciding with a semester school schedule.  That means we have a fall, summer and spring programs.

Legal Internship

Our Legal Internship is designed to give a diverse, immersive, hands-on, informative experience for law students.  Our interns will join a legal team and quickly be assigned a variety of legal work and be allowed to observe real client consultations and court proceedings.  They will see various practice areas and many different sides and stages of cases. 

We take the approach that a good attorney knows how to develop and implement strategy, make decisions, and give good legal advice.  Therefore, we have our interns act as advisors and counselors to our attorneys.  By taking this strategy, Interns are growing these skills rather than simply following directions.  

Interns will also be invited to Firm meetings where they will have some exposure to the business-side of a private practice.  They will learn about cash flow, client intake and retention, and general business strategy of a law firm.

Additionally, we create a self-guided learning module program for our interns.  While a good internship should be immersive and hands-on, it also needs an educational component.

Our interns will also be required to pick a business project to help the functionality of the firm.  This project will help interns see the bigger picture of the firm.

Finally, our interns will grow their connections.  Law is as much about who you know as it is what you know and the gap from student to practitioner is much easier to bridge when you have a foundational network.

Paralegal Internship

Our Paralegal Internship is designed to give anyone who is interested in a career in the legal field an inside look at how law operates.  Few people realize that paralegals are problem solvers and organizers, and some of the best paralegals have studied other academic areas.  In fact, many jobs don’t really utilize the degrees that the students have earned, but a paralegal will ensure that those educational skills our utilized.

Our Interns will develop learn about a wide array of topics that will assist them in a future career as a paralegal, or any other career.  They will be exposed to topics related to business, contract, construction, family services, funeral services, construction, medicine, collections, and numerous other areas.  When dealing with a case, those working on the case must develop a working knowledge of the facts that pertain to that case, and our Interns work on a wide variety of cases.

Interns are expected to be problem solvers and advisors.  They are asked to advise the legal team on case strategy, case procedure, and case status.  They will develop skills in research, writing, and improving problem solving.

Additionally, Interns will develop connections with attorneys and others who they can call on throughout their careers, whether in law or elsewhere.  Success in any career is as much about who you know and what you know, and we ensure that our Interns develop connections.

Finally, our Interns will gain valuable perspective because they will be allowed to observe Firm meetings where they will have some exposure to the business-side of a private practice.  They will learn about management, marketing, reputation, cash flow, and other business strategy.

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Internship Alumni

Our interns develop valuable connections both inside and outside of the firm.  Upon successful completion, they become part of our firm’s alumni, and will always be part of our network.