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How should you interact with the police at a DUI stop?

While your first instinct when you get pulled over may be to panic, taking steps to calm down can save you time and energy. This is especially important when you are getting stopping because of the possibility you could be drinking while driving.

Being aware of the common pitfalls and worries you may have during this time can help you.

Stay relaxed

According to Zutobi, even minor violations can lead to an officer pulling you over and trying to talk to you. The initial reason they stop you may not even relate to drinking and driving, but rather because of a different issue such as a tail light being out.

Getting out of the car is not typically what you should do if you get pulled over. Instead, stay inside your car and get any papers or important documents you need near you in case the officer asks to see them.

Pay attention to the tests

After exiting your vehicle, the officer may ask you to try walking in a straight line and turning to see see how inebriated you are. Some other tests could include a horizontal gaze test to see how dilated your pupils are and whether or not you consumed alcohol.

Since these tests can only give the officers a general idea of how intoxicated you are, they could be inaccurate.

Watch what you say

When nervous, you may feel the need to talk about whether or not you had any drinks earlier in the day or what you were doing before getting in your car.

While you should stay polite while answering questions, you do not need to offer up extra information if the police pull you over.