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How much does a Florida DUI raise your auto insurance rates?

When a Florida law enforcement officer makes a traffic stop and winds up charging you with driving under the influence, quite a bit hangs in the balance. If that charge leads to a conviction, you may face serious repercussions that might impact your personal life, your ability to make a living and your finances.

According to, while you may face fines, license suspensions and similar penalties in the wake of a DUI conviction, you should also expect your automotive insurance rates to rise quite a bit in the aftermath.

How much insurance increases

Nationally, auto insurance premiums increase by anywhere from about 28% to 371% following a conviction for DUI. In Florida, if you had an otherwise-average driving record, you may see your insurance rates jump by about 61% after a DUI conviction. So, if you were paying about $2,250 a year for coverage, which is pretty standard, you may shell out closer to $3,614 for a year of insurance coverage after a drunk driving conviction.

How to find the most favorable rate available

Auto insurers use different formulas to determine what to charge you. So, it may benefit you in the financial sense to get quotes from several more insurance providers in addition to the one you already have. In some cases, your current insurance provider may decide to drop you after a drunk driving offense, leaving you with no choice other than to get more quotes.

Remember, a DUI conviction may remain on your record for up to 10 years, so it may impact your insurance rates for the foreseeable future.


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