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How dangerous is Florida for drivers?

Whether you reside here year-round, spend the winters in the Sunshine State or simply vacation here, you are likely aware that the traffic in Florida can be horrendous. Challenging as it may be to get safely to your destination, you may find some small comfort in knowing that this state is not the most dangerous place to drive. 

Because of recent health concerns, fewer people have been on the road in recent months. Logically, this should mean the number of fatal and serious motor vehicle accidents should drop. Unfortunately, many drivers took advantage of the wideopen roads to make risky choices, resulting in a steady rate of accidents, injuries and deaths despite the reduction in travelers. However, even in a normal year, other factors still add risks for Florida drivers. 

Dubious honors 

Florida’s ranking for states with the worst driving conditions falls somewhere in the middle, although some factors are much worse than in other states. However, the state’s score for traffic fatalities lands comfortably in the top ten. In 2019, Florida saw over 3,000 motor vehicle fatalitiesan increase from the previous years that is among the highest in the nation. At this rate, fatalities in this state may easily add up to more than 30,000 people losing their lives over a 10-year period.  

What may be even more shocking to you is that the number of alcoholrelated fatalities in this state is well over 800 per year. In fact, the percentage of drivers in Florida who admit they have been behind the wheel after consuming too much alcohol is 2.1% compared to the national average of 1.9%.  

Drivers are not slowing down 

Of course, speed is an issue all over the country, but perhaps more so now that fewer people are traveling. Speed relates to more accidents than any other single cause nationwide. Driving too fast reduces a driver’s ability to make and execute decisions that could prevent tragic accidents. A speeding vehicle takes more time and space to stop and is more likely to result in catastrophic injuries and even fatalities in the event of a collision. 

Not all of these facts and statistics are a result of the recent health scare and unprecedented world events. Drivers still make their own decisions when they get behind the wheel, and when those decisions are reckless or negligent, you and your family may be the unsuspecting victims.  


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