Is Force Majeure a Legal Way Out of a Contract?

First Animated Video Staring Avatar Doug Jackson

We are excited to announce that we are creating a new video series, staring the avatar of Managing Attorney Doug Jackson.  These videos will give us more tools and more variety in communicating with our clients.  They will supplement our live in-person videos, and this way, we believe we can create more educational videos and announcement videos for our friends of the firm.  The videos are one of our primary tools for communicating with our friends of the firm, so we are very excited to be incorporating this new method.

Check out our first animated video, created entirely in-house, and staring the avatar of Doug Jackson:


This was our first video, and we intend to improve upon in and develop the series.  In fact, we have our next one already produced and ready for release.  The next video should provide you more information, since this was only an introduction.  Keep tuning in and subscribe to our YouTube page or other social media pages to see more.

Let us know if you want our videos to discuss anything specifically, or what story lines you’d like to see.  We’d love to incorporate the ideas of our friends of the firm.



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