Is Force Majeure a Legal Way Out of a Contract?

Fatal car accident result of hit-and-run crash on I-75

Interstate travel is a must for many Florida residents. It affords individuals and families the ability to move from place to place in a timely manner by avoiding many of the traffic obstacles that appear when driving in the city. However, along with this faster pace, the risk associated with a car accident increases. When other drivers do not adhere to traffic laws or something else happens to cause an accident, the result can be tragic.

Recently, a Florida teacher and her husband were traveling north on I-75. Like many couples, they were probably discussing their plans for the day and what they wanted to do when they first got to their destination. Also, like many others, they probably assumed that they would reach their destination without incident. Unfortunately, this was not the case; instead, another vehicle hit the back of their car. This collision caused the husband to lose control of the vehicle, which then landed upside down in an adjacent ditch; the couple did not survive the accident.

Rather than stop to check on the vehicle occupants and wait for Florida law enforcement to arrive, the driver allegedly at fault in the accident chose to continue driving. In addition to requiring that vehicles remain a safe distance from each other, Florida law required drivers involved in accidents to stop. Law enforcement officers are still conducting their investigation, and details as to why the accused left the scene are unknown.

The individual accused of causing this tragic accident has been arrested and will have to answer for his actions in a Florida criminal courtroom. However, this will not undo what has been done as a result of this car accident. Those left to grieve this tragic loss may also decide to seek monetary relief through Florida’s civil justice system.