Personal Representatives In The Florida Probate Process

For many people, estate planning and probate are complicated legal issues. However, the process is not as complicated as you might think. Terms like “executor” and “administrator” seem intimidating, but really, almost anyone can understand these terms well enough to serve as or appoint a personal representative. The most important thing is to work with a lawyer you trust who will explain things to you during the process and help you make sound decisions.


Choosing a lawyer as your personal representative ensures legal expertise and efficient management of your estate, simplifying the process for your beneficiaries.

In St. Petersburg, The Law Firm of Douglas G. Jackson can help Florida clients understand the nuances around personal representatives. Mr. Jackson is an understanding attorney who will walk you through the process – whether you are creating an estate plan or serving as a personal representative – and protect your interests. Clients in St. Petersburg and throughout the surrounding areas of Florida can rely on The Law Firm of Douglas G. Jackson.

What Do Personal Representatives Do

What Is A Personal Representative?

In Florida, “personal representative” is the term used for the executor or administrator. It is the person designated to administer someone’s estate after they have passed on. The personal representative is either named as part of a will or designated by the court in cases where there is no will.

Appointing A Personal Representative

One important aspect of a comprehensive estate plan is to appoint someone to serve as a personal representative for your estate. This person will serve as an agent who has the authority to pay off your creditors and transfer your assets to your appointed beneficiaries. This person will then make an accounting to the court.

It is important to name someone you trust to serve as your personal representative. Attorney Douglas Jackson can advise you as part of the firm’s estate planning services.

Appointing A Personal Representative-What Do Personal Representatives Do?

Serving As A Personal Representative

If you have been named as a personal representative, you have a serious responsibility. You will have authority over the estate’s assets and debts, and you will have to make an accounting to the court. It is often wise to work with a trusted legal adviser to make sure you avoid mistakes or oversights that could lead to legal sanction from the court or a lawsuit from a disgruntled beneficiary. Mr. Jackson can help you through every step of the process.

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