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One of the reasons people delay in creating their estate plans is estate planning doesn’t seem relevant or connected to their everyday lives. It seems like a remote legal consideration that will not impact them personally. Further, people often don’t see major life changes or changes in their financial situations as a cause to create or alter their estate plans.


Take a proactive, not reactive, approach to estate planning

However, for every phase of life or every major change in your financial situation, you should revisit your estate plan. The estate planning attorneys at The Law Firm of Douglas G. Jackson provide key estate planning services that truly make a difference. Serving clients in St. Petersburg and the surrounding areas of Florida, estate attorney Douglas Jackson listens carefully to his clients, creates sound estate planning strategies and offers clear explanations of the various legal instruments available to reach his clients’ goals. He can also assist you if you have been named a personal representative.

Estate Planning After Financial Or Personal Changes-Estate Planning And Probate

Estate Planning After Financial Or Personal Changes

The Law Firm of Douglas G. Jackson helps clients create wills, trusts, living wills and other essential documents as part of comprehensive estate plans after major life events that can include:

  • Marriage or Divorce: After a change in your marital status, one of the first things you should do is look over your estate plan with an experienced lawyer to see if you want to change your beneficiaries or update your assets to be transferred.

  • Personal injury settlement or verdict: If you been harmed in a car accident or other personal injury incident and have obtained compensation, you should update your estate plan immediately to pass on your additional wealth to those you love.

  • Disability or other public benefits: If you have obtained Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or other public benefits, you should make sure your estate plan reflects that change.

  • Retirement plan changes: If you change jobs or if your employer alters your retirement plan, this change should be reflected in your estate plan.

  • Relationship changes: One important aspect of your estate plan is the people you choose as personal representative, will executor, trust administrator or other agents. If one of these people dies, you become estranged or other changes occur in your relationship, you need to change your estate plan.

There are many reasons to create or revisit your plan. Our estate planning attorneys will help you create a sound strategy that is coordinated with every aspect of your life.

"In my line of business (medical), I have had to use attorneys for one reason or the other, and Douglas Jackson has by far superseded my expectations. He is truly knowledgeable, very approachable, and very professional. What I love the most about his service is that I can use his expertise for all aspects of my business from contract reviews, to creating new contracts for buying new equipment, for legal documents for my clients, for review of my lease. It is my "one stop shop" for attorney. He is always available. His team (employees) are well trained and take their time to listen to you. As a small business owner, I am in the best hands with Douglas Jackson! Thank you for securing and protecting my practice."
Dr. Suzanne Ben-Kane

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