Is Force Majeure a Legal Way Out of a Contract?

Cluttered floors and walkways can cause personal injury

Visitors and residents in the state of Florida are privileged to have many shopping and dining options thanks to the multitude of wonderful stores, shops and restaurants here. It goes without saying that no person expects to be injured while visiting one of these public establishments. Every year, however, thousands of people across the United States are injured in stores and restaurants due to wet floors or other hazards. When a person suffers personal injury as the result of negligence, he or she can seek legal recourse.

In another state, a woman filed a lawsuit after she allegedly fell in a department store and was badly injured due to dangerous conditions. The woman said she was shopping in the store and encountered a substance on the floor. According to the lawsuit, the woman slipped on the substance and fell, suffering injuries.

The woman claimed she has had to endure pain, incurred medical expenses and now has permanent disabilities that affect her ability to earn a living. The lawsuit alleged that the staff knew of the hazard but negligently failed to remove it and also failed to provide a warning to customers. The plaintiff seeks compensatory damages and all just relief.

All stores and public establishments across the United States should be safe places for all who visit. Those in Florida who suffer personal injury due to negligence can take action by seeking the services of an experienced litigator. A successful claim can provide victims and families with financial relief to help with medical expenses and lost wages.