Case Manager Stacey D. Bechtel Celebrates Her Three Year Anniversary at the Firm

It’s hard to believe that only three years ago, Stacey D. Bechtel, joined The Law Firm of Douglas G. Jackson, as it’s very first employee and paralegal.  Prior to that, now Managing Attorney Douglas G. Jackson, was running a truly solo practice.  Stacey’s addition immediately made the firm better.

Although she was hired by this firm just three years ago today, Stacey had previously been paralegal to Doug when he worked at a prior law firm. That means they have now worked together going onto six years.  This firm certainly knows that good team chemistry can be difficult to find and it definitely builds with time.  This is why this firm is so excited when we have longevity of our team members; it creates better results for our clients.

Prior to practicing law, Stacey owned and operated her own business in Key West, which sold kitchen and bathroom products.  This gives her a unique insight into how a business is supposed to operate.  However, you insight and perspective is only further complimented by her extensive travel experience.  Stacey has travelled to numerous countries and even lived abroad.

It is no surprise that since joining the firm Stacey has risen from paralegal to Case Manager.  She now helps to manage the non-attorney support staff for Doug and his legal team.  Stacey is currently the firm’s only recipient of the leadership award, which is arguably the firm’s most prestigious award.  Stacey has also earned the firm’s Most Valuable Person(nel) (“MVP”) Award on at least one occasion.  On numerous occasions, Doug has said that he couldn’t manage his cases or operate this firm without Stacey.  Her value to this firm is immeasurable.

Tis firm is very proud to have Ms. Stacey D. Bechtel as a case manager and congratulates her on her tremendous accomplishments.  This firm has certainly improved with her presence, and we are very excited to see how much more Ms. Bechtel will accomplish in her already extremely notable career.


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