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Florida Business Lawyer That Will Help Your Business Succeed

Whether you need to sell a business, draft a contract, resolve a dispute or accomplish other goals, you can turn to the firm’s business lawyer, Doug Jackson. Based in St. Petersburg, the firm is qualified to handle a spectrum of business and commercial matters in a cost-sensitive manner.

Attorney Jackson represents business owners and entrepreneurs in a range of industries. He is familiar with the complex challenges owners often face and offers a comprehensive array of services that include:

  • Forming business entities (LLCs, LLPs, corporations, nonprofits, etc.)
  • Complying with relevant regulations
  • Conducting due diligence
  • Drafting contracts, partnership agreements, employment contracts, vendor contracts and other agreements
  • Purchasing or selling a business
  • Merging with other entities
  • Resolving disputes through litigation or alternative dispute resolution

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We Keep You Informed And Protect Your Business Assets

Florida’s business regulations are complex. When you work with our business law firm, we will educate you on all your options and explain the possible repercussions of the choices you make.

Attorney Jackson can help you make smart decisions about transactions that occur at any stage of the business lifecycle. In addition, he is able to partner with business valuation experts and accountants to scrutinize assets and liabilities, which is key to safeguarding your company’s viability.

Designing Contracts That Endure The Test Of Time

Attorney Jackson is available to craft strong agreements for a variety of business and employment law concerns. This includes drafting and negotiating contracts with individuals who are privy to proprietary information such as business practices, client lists and other valuable information. He also drafts, negotiates and executes purchase agreements, buy-sell agreements and other contracts that allow business owners to achieve their objectives.

Engaging In Results-Focused Litigation

In addition to offering transactional services, Attorney Jackson is available to litigate breach of contract claims, employment disputes, partnership disputes and a wide array of other issues. He understands that winning a lawsuit at the cost of jeopardizing your company’s financial security is merely a Pyrrhic victory. Instead, he will strive to resolve the conflict with a minimum of time and expense.

Take The First Step Toward Business Success

Contact the firm’s St. Petersburg office online or over the phone at 727-591-3130. Doug Jackson is ready and able to assist you with your business law concerns.