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Helping You Understand Personal Bankruptcy

Anyone can face financial hardship and insurmountable debt. All it takes is the loss of a job, a major health crisis, an investment gone awry or unexpected expenses. It can be difficult to ask for help, but if you find yourself drowning in debt, you must seek guidance. And bankruptcy is an option on the table.

Knowledgeable, understanding and nonjudgmental, attorney Douglas Jackson of The Law Firm of Douglas G. Jackson in St. Petersburg, Florida, is prepared to help you create a debt relief plan. Mr. Jackson will work directly with you. He listens and provides crucial insight that will help you turn around your financial life. Mr. Jackson will advise you as to the best bankruptcy option for you and work with creditors to make fair and timely payments.

Reassurance And Dedication

Thorough and focused on detail, Mr. Jackson will provide direction, while also protecting you from creditor harassment, which is illegal. Among the bankruptcy options that he will explain include:

  • Chapter 7: A straightforward bankruptcy where most of your property gets sold in order to repay your debt. You may lose your home or car in these scenarios. However, as long as you maintain regular mortgage and loan payments.
  • Chapter 13: A reorganization of your asset portfolio while you work with a trustee who manages your money. As part of this bankruptcy, you make court-ordered payments to the trustee, who then pays your creditors. And you will keep your home if you continue to make regular mortgage payments.

The legal process related to bankruptcy may seem intimidating. However, Mr. Jackson will provide the reassurance and dedication that you need to get through this situation. He is ready to help you.

Call A Knowledgeable Attorney Now

Bankruptcy remains an option if you find yourself at financial crossroads. The Law Firm of Douglas G. Jackson in St. Petersburg, Florida, will guide you through this process en route to a new financial beginning. Mr. Jackson helps clients throughout the Tampa-St. Petersburg area. Go ahead and contact him online or call 727-591-3130.