Is Force Majeure a Legal Way Out of a Contract?

August 2022 Message from the President


Well hello. I’m Doug Jackson, founding attorney of the Law Firm of Douglas G. Jackson. We’re back again with our August monthly newsletter. Like before, and like every time here to come, I’ve written a letter to you, my friends of the firm, that I want to read to you. Here we go. Dear Friends of the Firm, July has come and gone. We celebrated our American Independence Day with activities and fun. Many families went on vacations. Now, many families are thinking about school restarting later this month. We too, are thinking about school starting, as some of our internships will conclude this month, and our interns will begin their fall semesters. It is a time of mixed feelings. Although the internship program is only ninety (90) days, our interns accomplish so very much, and contribute so very much to this team. We are excited for their successful completion of the internship and excited to welcome the next round of interns. Yet, we are also sad to see the internships come to an end. We thank and commend Pamela Watt, Daniele Green, and Virginia Sanchez as they come into the final period of their respective internships. Although this was our first round of internship, I think it will be difficult to beat the talent of this crew. Enjoy this next month, and try to stay cool. If you went on vacation in July, welcome back. If you are going on vacation in August, have a great time and be safe. Regardless of when you went or plan to go, make sure you do take vacations. There is nothing more educational than travel. This next coming month, we are also excited to announce that we will start giving out more of the branded products that we’ve created. We have some branded sunglasses, which I wear everywhere and love. We are also going to be getting some branded water bottles, travel mugs, and Koozies. We are also doing some cross-promotion with some of our business clients and friends of the firm, so that we can give some of our clients and friends of the firm more value, while exposing them to the businesses of our other friends. Although the newsletter will only go out about monthly, the life and spirit of the Firm don’t stop in-between newsletters. Therefore, we believe it is only fair to keep updated on Social Media and by creating website content, such as informative articles (blogs) to keep you updated in the interim. Essentially, the newsletter will be somewhat of a highlight reel, so that you can tune into anything that you missed if you don’t want to keep up in real-time. We are very excited about our expectations for 2022 and what we have accomplished, thus far, halfway through the year. We hope for some big things for the firm and some big things to help you. Remember, get your legal action at the Law Firm of Douglas G. Jackson.


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