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Attorney Doug Jackson Interviewed on Voyage Medspa’s New Program, The Burg’s Beautiful

Attorney Doug Jackson had the honor of being interviewed by Dr. Suzanne Ben-Kane of Voyage Medspa, on their new program called The Burg’s Beautiful.  As a special honor, Mr. Jackson was the very first person interviewed on The Burg’s Beautiful.  Dr. Ben-Kane asked about Mr. Jackson and about The Law Firm of Douglas G. Jackson.

The Burg’s Beautiful is a very exciting new program, by what is a very new business.  Voyage Medspa only opened its doors in July, and is already becoming a pillar in the community.  This is no surprise as its two co-founders are also pillars in the community and very active in many organizations, including the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce, where Mr. Jackson became acquainted with Dr. Ben-Kane.

Voyage Medspa offers what it calls “anti-aging medicine.”  After his interview, Mr. Jackson was able to learn more about what Voyage Medspa offers.  The simple answer might be that Voyage Medspa offers the same services to St. Petersburg residents as do the medical spas visited by celebrities. If you have crows feet or wrinkles, you can have Botox treatment along with other treatment measures that will give a more permanent effect.  Perhaps what was most notable is that Voyage Medspa isn’t just for women.  In fact, they have some cutting edge hair loss treatment, which could be a game changer for many men.

As co-founder Harry Pristau said to Mr. Jackson after the interview, “You are essentially a walking business card, and when you look refreshed and rejuvenated, you will get more clients than if you look tired and haggard.”  That might be paraphrased somewhat, but the message definitely made an impact.


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