Do you want the practice of law to be fun again?  Do you want to really solve problems and help people.  Do you want to be part of something bigger?

Associate Attorneys at The Law Firm of Douglas G. Jackson have an experience that is geared towards their growth and development.  We design the position to be the ideal position an associate attorney.  We believe that an Associate Attorney should be part of a team, have mentorship and guidance, have autonomy and ability to make decisions and recommend strategies on cases, be encouraged to participate in and take leadership roles in their community, be able to develop their own clientele, and have a clear path to equity.

Our Associate Attorneys are part of a legal team and operate under the Lead Attorney.  The Lead Attorney generally holds equity in the law firm.  Each legal team will have a maximum of three Associate Attorneys.  Once the legal team needs an additional Associate Attorney, the most qualified Associate Attorney on the team will branch off and create his or her own team.  Once that Associate Attorney who is created the new team has enough business to require his or her own Associate Attorney, equity in the firm will be explored.  This is not an easy path, but it is a fair and clear path to equity.  It also ensures that the Associate Attorney has enough training, collaboration, and leadership skills to be an effective contributor to the other equity owners.

We also believe that being an effective lawyer is about more than merely working on cases.  Our Associate Attorneys take an active role in the community and are groomed for leadership positions.  Our team holds or has held positions on the Board of the St. Petersburg Bar Association, the Board of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce, the Board of the EDGE District Business Association, the Board of the Sunken Gardens Forever Foundation, the Board of the Sun Leaders, among various other board positions, committee chairs and vice chairs, and general memberships of other committees, associations, and groups.  We help mentor and prepare and pave the way for our Associates Attorneys to contribute to and lead our community.  Attorneys advocate for members of the community, so it’s important to know the people and needs of the community.

Our Associate Attorneys are also involved in growing our firm.  We have Beach Cleanups and Business Education Network (BEN) Workshops among other events.  Our Associate Attorneys engage in those events and help us create and operate new events.

At the Law Firm of Douglas G. Jackson, we know that a law firm’s reputation is based upon the reputation of its team.  Because our reputation grows when your reputation grows, we make a dedicated effort to ensure that our Associate Attorneys have the best curricula vitae (CVs) and that they are constantly focused on growing their CVs and their own accomplishments.  We ensure that our Associate Attorneys will become leaders in both the firm and the community.

Associate Attorneys at our firm are treated as professionals.  They work remotely and are able to work based upon their needs and appointments.  We focus on results, not set hours or schedules.  This give our Associate Attorneys the freedom to work when its optimal for them, which ensures that our clients get the best results.

Our legal teams have Zoom meetings several days per week, where we roundtable our cases.  We have learned that the best solutions are not the product of individuals, but of teams.  Multiple minds are greater than one, and this ensures that each Associate Attorney has support and help on every case.  It also allows the Associate Attorneys to learn by being exposed to more cases quickly.

At the Law Firm of Douglas G. Jackson, we try to do things differently.  Our Associate Attorneys feel this difference.  We are a community law firm and we are trying to build the best community both inside and outside of our law firm.  Our Associates Attorneys are part of this community and help us make it great.

If you want to help build something bigger and be part of a team culture with real team chemistry, consider becoming an Associate Attorney with The Law Firm of Douglas G. Jackson.  We are often expanding and recruiting new attorneys with no book of business.  We are always considering attorneys who already have a book of business, including solo practitioners who want join us and let us handle the business-side so they can focus on becoming great attorneys.