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Aggravated assault charge results after driver brandishes gun

It is not unusual for a news story to sound unbelievable or outrageous upon first hearing. In many cases, all of the details about the event have yet to come to light, and the few details available can make a situation sound much worse than it actually was. In situations where a person is facing criminal charges for a serious crime like aggravated assault, it is vital for all of the information associated with the incident to be thoroughly examined.

One man in Florida will likely be providing more information for his defense after an incident recently led to his arrest. According to reports, the man was inside a vehicle going southbound on Interstate 275 when he allegedly brandished a weapon at another driver. The incident occurred just after 7 a.m., but details were not provided as to how authorities became alerted to the situation.

Officers stopped the suspected vehicle and conducted a search. They purportedly found the following weapons inside the vehicle:

  • A loaded shotgun
  • A revolver
  • A semi-automatic pistol

Authorities took the man into custody on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Because the information provided in the report was lacking vital details, it is crucial not to jump to conclusions about what took place. Though this Florida man is undoubtedly frustrated and stressed over the ordeal he now faces, he has the opportunity to provide his account of events in court if he wishes to create and present a criminal defense against the charges brought against him.


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