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A Versatile Law Firm With Skills And Compassion

As the founder of The Law Firm of Douglas G. Jackson in St. Petersburg, Florida, Douglas G. Jackson is a dedicated legal advocate with a strong passion for helping clients get the justice they deserve. Knowledgeable, receptive, compassionate and skilled, Mr. Jackson has guided a variety of clients throughout his legal career.

Many clients throughout the Tampa-St. Petersburg area, and beyond, have turned to Mr. Jackson for guidance in diverse matters such as bankruptcy law, divorce, foreclosure matters and Social Security Disability cases. He is especially proud of his longtime advocacy for U.S. veterans, providing legal advice in military law matters and veterans’ disability cases. Mr. Jackson is accredited by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

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Striving For The Best Solutions

Personable and empathetic, Mr. Jackson always puts clients first. Relationship building is important to his law firm, and this helps to overcome legal obstacles in the most complicated state and federal cases. With a hands-on approach, Mr. Jackson strives to provide clients with solutions, actionable advice and justice with heart.

Guiding A Wide Range Of Clients

His early career focused on helping the disabled – including disabled veterans – secure disability benefits. Over the last several years, Mr. Jackson has expanded his practice guiding clients in these areas:

  • Bankruptcy cases, including matters related to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, as well as fighting creditor harassment
  • Divorce matters, including military and same-sex divorce
  • Real estate law, including foreclosure defense
  • Military law, including veterans’ disability cases
  • Social Security Disability benefits and Supplemental Security Income
  • Personal injury, primarily helping victims of car and truck accidents
  • Criminal defense, including drunk driving charges
  • Estate planning and probate/estate administration

A skilled lawyer who will guide you through the legal process, Mr. Jackson focuses on getting the best results for you.

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Douglas G. Jackson

Lead Attorney

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Associate Attorney

Stacey Bechtel

Case Manager

Michael T. Durkin, Jr.

Legal Investigator & Interim Legal Secretary

Sebastian Delgado

Legal Assistant

Pamela Watt

Legal Interns

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Legal Intern

Virginia Sanchez

Legal Assistant Intern

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Versatility, compassion and knowledge are what you get when you work with The Law Firm of Douglas G. Jackson in St. Petersburg, Florida. When you need legal direction in areas such as bankruptcy, divorce, Social Security and veterans’ issues, Mr. Jackson can help. For a free case evaluation, please contact him online or call 727-591-3130.

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