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When you need someone to fight for your legal rights, contact The Law Firm of Douglas G. Jackson. Doug provides responsive client service that puts you and your needs first. 

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If you are facing a disability, a bankruptcy or any number of other legal issues, you need an attorney who will recognize you as a whole person. You are an individual with legal problems, not just a case number. That is why The Law Firm of Douglas G. Jackson strives to help clients with all their legal needs and takes a client-first approach.

Attorney Doug Jackson does not simply focus on the type of case you have. Rather, he focuses on the needs of every client. If you have found yourself in a situation requiring legal assistance, Mr. Jackson has the experience, knowledge and heart to help you find justice and protection under the law. The Law Firm of Douglas G. Jackson is a full-service law firm that is prepared to handle your legal needs. Tell Doug about your situation, and if he cannot assist you, he may be able to direct you to a lawyer or law firm that can.

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Experienced With A Range Of Legal Issues

Attorney Doug Jackson works hard to assist clients in many legal areas, including veterans’ disability, Social Security Disability, bankruptcy and debt issues, and divorce, among others.  Because of this client focus, even if your case falls outside of these areas, The Law Firm of Douglas G. Jackson may be able to help you with your legal problem.

The Law Firm of Douglas G. Jackson is located in St. Petersburg and is equipped to handle legal issues large and small. Mr. Jackson is community-minded and works hard to help clients find solutions to the obstacles life has put in their way. He especially enjoys helping the area’s many veterans. You deserve the absolute best legal counsel, and Mr. Jackson is prepared to take the time to ensure you get it. He wants to build relationships with clients to better serve them throughout their lives.

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Whether you are wondering if you should file for bankruptcy, are approaching an uncomfortable split from your partner or need help getting your disability claims covered, attorney Doug Jackson is here to help. Sometimes life throws roadblocks in your way, but at The Law Firm of Douglas G. Jackson, Mr. Jackson is ready to listen, ready to help and ready to fight for you.

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